My name is Ryan Gonzales and I am a Photographic Craftsman Degree holder as well as a Certified Professional Photographer with 12 years of knowledge and experience. I wanted to let you know about a program I put together over a year ago and has been successful, not only for me but for other photographers from around the nation. 


I specialize in weddings and portraits with an emphasis on portraiture. Because of this I am able to offer my clients the very best photography to not only provide lasting memories but to flatter them with posing, lighting, composition and that little artistic touch to make it unique. 


At the beginning of 2015 I began an awesome mentoring program that has helped out a lot of beginning, advanced and professional photographers from around the nation. Mentoring is something I have become very passionate about because it is helping this art form to become what it once was. Today everybody is a photographer and that can't be further from the truth. Photography is an art and you must continue to educate yourself so that you can better our markets and the industry. 


It is very simple for me to help you to become better photographers and business people. I have mentored with one of the best photographers and business person that I know. This mentor has taught me everything that I know today and continue learning day in and day out. He has helped me to become a better business person so that I am not a starving artist and I want to help you as he has helped me. 


Mentoring Programs:

1. You will learn the basics from the dials on your camera to the exposure triangle.

2. You will learn what crop factor means and how it can affect your focal length.

3. You will learn different lighting patterns and how they are used on different types of faces. Off camera flash and how you can get studio quality portraits on location. 

4. You will learn how to pose your subjects to flatter them 

5. You will learn what a proper composition is and how it can impact your image for more attention.

6. You will learn (DOF)Depth of Field and how it can draw your viewers attention to your subject using the DOF calculator.

7. You will learn the basics of business

8. You will learn how to price yourself for profit

9. You will learn how to sell and guide your client to invest in your work.

10. You will learn why in person sales is better, not only for you but for your client as well.


These are just a few areas that I can help to guide you to making more money and becoming a better photographer. 

Mentoring starts as low as $150 an hour on a 12 month contract. 


Call today to find out more 575-313-1382 or email me directly at