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1. Where is Gonzales Photography located?

We are based out of Las Cruces, NM. Just 45 minutes from El Paso, TX, 3 hours from Albuquerque, NM and Tucson, AZ.

2. What are your hours of service?
Regular business hours are Monday thru Friday 9am - 6pm and by appointment only on weekends.

3. Can I schedule an appointment after regular business hours or on the weekend?
Yes, we realize that some clients don't want to worry about missing school or taking time off of work. Therefore as a convenience, we do schedule portrait sessions outside of regular business hours. Please keep in mind these limited times are very popular and sometimes book several weeks in advance, so we can't guarantee one will be available.

4. What exactly is the reservation retainer?
We require the session to be paid at the time of booking your portrait session.  We can accept VISA, Mastercard, Discover and American Express over the phone.  You are welcome to mail a check, but session times will not be entered into our system until the check is received. Once the session is paid we will email you a portrait contract that will require your signature and either digitally signed or scanned and emailed back to us.    

5. Can I reschedule?
Yes, we understand that sometimes things may come up that make it impossible to keep your appointment, therefore we do require at least a 72 hour notice to reschedule. If you miss your appointment with out calling within 72 hours you will need to pay another session fee.  Please keep in mind that the shorter the notice, the more difficult it will be to find a time that is convenient for you.  If you need to reschedule, your booking fee will follow your rescheduled appointment and no additional fees will be required.  

6. Is the reservation retainer refundable?
The booking fee/ session fee is non refundable after contract has been signed.

7. How much will I be spending?
Portrait collections begin at $599. Many of our clients choose to create wall groupings from their session and our custom designed albums are also very popular.   It is entirely up to you what art pieces you would like to create from your portraits and how you would like to display them. Just don't be surprised when you love the images we have created for you and you end up wanting to invest more than you originally thought. We do offer 2 great payment plan programs to help you get everything you want. 
8. What do we wear and what do we bring?
Clothing and props are very important as they set the tone of your entire portrait session. The appropriate clothing varies depending upon session type. During your portrait consultation, we'll discuss the proper clothing style and color as well as props in great detail. We'll make sure you know exactly what to wear to look your absolute best. At the time of booking we will email you our Family Color Pallets to help you decide on colors to show family unity. We would not want there to be a disconnection by wearing different color tones which do not compliment each other for example, Mom and Dad wearing white shirts with light colored pants or dress and the kids wearing trademarked clothes that are bright green, pink or yellow. 

9. What about hair, makeup, and glasses?
Try to have your hair cut/permed/highlighted at least one week before your session. A little cover up or translucent works great to hide blemishes and shininess on both females and males.  Many of our clients decide to have their hair styled and makeup applied professionally for their session. If you choose to wear your glasses, please keep in mind that it may not be possible to avoid all reflections and glass glare but we will use our knowledge and experience to limit this from occurring.  There is an additional fee to remove any unwanted reflections or glass glare. We'll go over even more tips and suggestions during your consultation.
10. How long will the portrait session last?
The length of your portrait session is usually 1.5 hours unless you purchase an additional hour.  Once we have planned out your session, we will be able to give you a better idea of how long it will last. For a majority of our sessions, you can expect your session to last between 1 hour and 1.5 hours.
11. What if it is cloudy, windy or raining?
We actually prefer clouds because then we don't have to worry as much about squinting or harsh shadows. Showers can come and go very quickly, so if it looks like rain or is windy just call before you leave and we’ll decide if we need to reschedule your session. Keep in mind that we can get some really fun and unique outdoor portraits in the rain - especially for our seniors!
12. Do I get to view my portraits online before our ordering session?
Approximately 2 weeks but not more than 3 weeks you will receive an email to invite you to your ordering session. We find that doing in person viewing helps you decide which images you love and how you would want them arranged in your home. If there is a specific location you want to do a wall grouping it is encouraged for you to let us know so we can give you instructions on how to photograph the location with your phone and email it to us. When you can see your wall or home during the session it is easier for you to decide on a specific wall grouping. 
13. Do we get physical proofs to take home?
When you come in for your ordering session, your portraits will be shown to you on a large screen tv and you will get to view them for the first time via a very dynamic slideshow.  We will show you your portraits in a range of actual sizes so that you can see different cropping ratios. At this point, you will have TONS of questions about retouching, possible head swapping, cropping and about our products. Giving you some small "proofs" to take home or posting the images online could leave you overwhelmed and is extremely impersonal. With this new advanced method of proofing, there are no “proofs” to take home. Instead, we will become your trusted adviser and help you through the viewing/ordering process so that you will be comfortable knowing you'll get the portrait products that you want and need.
14. What size of portraits will work best for my home?
Gift sizes are anything 8x10 or smaller and are appropriate for a desk or displayed on shelves since the smaller images need to be held close to be seen.  Typical wall portraits are 16x20 or larger and are better displayed as framed artwork or giclee canvas gallery wraps which look great on your walls. The appropriate size wall portrait for displaying in your home depends upon the wall space available.  For the most visual impact, portraits should occupy at least 50% of your available wall space or half the size of a couch where you will display your artwork. Don’t forget to email us snapshots according to the instructions provided at the consultation of all walls you want to display portraits on. We will use our ordering software to help you decide which size portraits best fit your home.  Our clients love being able to see exactly what their portraits will look like on the walls of their homes!
15. Will my portraits be retouched?
All portraits ordered include retouching which includes – removal of blemishes, softening of the skin, color enhancement.  We will not remove scars, moles or birthmarks unless specifically requested.  Extensive retouching - such as removing braces, glass glare, clothing straps, fine artwork etc.- can be done for an additional fee.
16. Do you offer frames?
For your convenience we suggest a local framing company that is very reasonable on pricing and has years of experience to help you decide on the right frame for you and your home. 
17. Do you offer the digital negatives or raw files?
Yes we do offer digital negatives in jpeg format and will be delivered on a custom flash drive with color corrected images. These are not fully retouched images hence why they  are called digital negatives. We will provide you with a print release and the jpeg files which will be sized to 1200x800 pixels which is approximately a 12x8 or 8x12 and smaller. Unfortunately we do not offer RAW files since we retain full copyright of all images and only provide you with print rights. Inquire at time of viewing/ ordering session about cost!