Tips for Engagements

Here are the tips that we include with every engagement session we do:

 I have included for you what I would suggest for clothing.

 Deciding on what to wear:

 This is probably the most subjective subject when it comes to e-sessions, but the short of it is simply to wear something that is TRULY you.

 A lot of what you might read online will say not to wear white or black, or not to wear patterns or extremely bright colors. You can either take this into consideration or toss it all aside; I would rather photograph you in something that you are comfortable in over something that simply conforms to the typical guidelines of what to wear.

So be YOU, be in LOVE, and think of the e-session as a fun date day (or night) together and I promise I will do my best to make it the most enjoyable experience you can possibly have. That being said, I find that pastels tend to be the most neutral and are perhaps the easiest colors to photograph well, as they do well in a variety of locations and lighting scenarios. Don't forget to think about the formality of the photos, or wardrobe changes that correspond with your particular theme in mind. I typically recommend to most couples a selection of one casual/fun outfit and one formal/dressy outfit.

Sometimes I like to get a little adventurous so if you are wearing really expensive jeans, shoes, or have even suited up for the occasion, I might want to do those laying down in the desert type shots in your more casual outfit! Feel free to accessorize, rock a couple different layers, have multiple shoes, and again don't hesitate to bring ideas about props or crazy locations - I love that stuff! And if there is even the slightest hint that you guys can dance together, I will probably ask you to do so at some point during the shoot.

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