Wedding FAQ's

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These are some frequently asked questions we have compiled throughout the years also known as FAQ's 

1. What is your style of photography?

Our style of photography is artistic, creative and stylish.

2. How many locations do you primarily allow for formals?

With time permitting 3 different locations to offer our clients a variety of different images.


3. How do we get to view our proofs? How long will it take to see our images?

We offer DVD proofing using an interactive DVD for our out of town clients and for our local clients we offer an in person ordering session. We will invite you to our place of business for your in person viewing and ordering session approximately 2 weeks after the wedding. Sometimes during busy times of the year it might take 3 weeks but we do everything to keep that waiting time to the 2 weeks. 

4. How long should formals take?

Depending on the number of locations we usually ask for at least an hour to two hours.

5. Do you use a contract?

Yes, this is probably the most important document that both the client and the studio can have. A contract protects the photographer as well as the client!

6. How many photographers and assistants will be there?

In all of our collections we will have 2 photographers and sometimes if needed an assistant.

7. How much of a deposit is required to book our date?

We require a $1000 non-refundable retainer/ deposit to book your date.

8. Will your second shooter be with you during the day?

Yes, my second shooter will remain with me throughout the day to capture a different perspective.

9. Why would we want to have two photographers?

You would want two photographers for several reasons, the first being security just incase the primary equipment malfunctions so that the main photographer can retrieve backup equipment to continue photographing the event. Second would be to give the client another perspective so that the images don’t look the same, remember everyone see’s things differently and weddings are no exception.

10. Do you have liability insurance?

Yes, we carry liability insurance for those incidentals that we cannot foresee.

11. When is the balance due?

Exactly 30 days prior to the contracted date.

12. What happens if the main photographer gets sick or something happens that he/she cannot be there?

If the main photographer gets sick or something happens another qualified photographer will take their place.

13. Will you photograph our details like the cake and the other decor?

Yes, we photograph every detail that we see our clients have thought long and hard about and invested time and money into.


14. Will you come early on the day of the wedding to get the getting ready shots or is that extra?

We make it a point to stay on schedule with the amount of hours contracted and will be according to the timeline that we email ahead of time.


15. How many weddings do you photograph per year?

We average between 12-15 per year!


16. How much experience do you have specifically photographing weddings?

We specialize in weddings so we have an exceptional amount of experience.

17. How many shots will be taken? How many will we get to see?

We will take several depending on the needs of the client. The client will see approximately 500-750 images, again depending on the needs of the client.

18. If you are unfamiliar with our site, are you willing to visit it and scout the locations?

This is something we will always do even if we have photographed a site several times because venues change all of the time to be more appealing to clients.

19. What other types of photography have you done?

Traditional portraiture using flattering lighting and posing.

20. What are our size options for portraits?

Anything from 4x6 prints to wall art as big as 30x40 on fine art canvas.


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